Big Data Analytics may well be the next big thing in the world. The first organizations to embrace it was online and startup firms. Firms like Google and Facebook built around big data from the beginning. The big data is appropriate if the data layer or data must place in a sequence of separate files for each data set. Big data require massive storage or space to save it.

Traditional computing techniques cannot be analyzing vital data information. The significant data characteristics are volume, velocity, and variety — volume in which we define the quantity of any data set. If the amount of data set is right, then that should be adjustable in storage, and also minimal chances of error occur in data.

Velocity can define the speed of the data if the speed of any data set like bill payment if the data would be organized form then speedy perform the bill payment action. High-frequency stock trading algorithms reflect market changes within microseconds. Machine to machine process exchange data between billions of devices — variety in which we define the data type.
Big Data Analytics - Automatic error correct and detect in digital devices

What is the data type in that data set?

That data is in textual form, audio form, video form, including log files and social media. We want the critical information is more efficient, can perform quick results, and no error occurs in any data if that data is in textual form or any other form. We have not to concern what the type of data we want minimal storage to consume and generate quick results and efficiency in every point of view. If any error occurs in data, we should already define the algorithms to solve that problem or resolve that problem and also minimize that problem. The big data does not comprise of traditional structured corporate information but also includes media files, likewise audio, video, and pictures unstructured text CAD/CAM files, HD graphics.

Big data analytics ( BDA )

The word Engineering is more clear to define us that word can explain a lot of things or concepts. Engineering is more widespread use in the world, for example, TV, Remote, Fan. That machines how can be working correctly because of engineering used in those machines.

That is why those machines are correctly working. The engineering concept includes the collection of tools, procedures, methodologies, and accumulated knowledge about the development of any system. Engineering concepts are to trick someone into giving them what they want. The engineering preys on qualities of human nature. We want engineering to become a part of our daily life.

Much work done in our daily life are performed by engineering. Human nature is to trust others until they prove that they do not remain trustworthy. If someone tells us that they are a confident person, we usually accept that statement.

The engineering may enter the building and pretend to be an employee of how the engineering should apply to their system according to LOW. They may be dressed in a uniform or become a part of the contract cleaning crew. The engineering is multiple views in every field. For example, in an electric field, the engineering is different, and in other areas, the engineering must be changed. The engineering concepts are the change in every sphere of life. Engineering should apply in that field if the engineering in which we can use it in that field according to the scope.

Big data analytics based error correction and detection

A sensor network is a system of one or more sensors that detect collect and possibly respond to things or events. A large number of sensor nodes are densely deployed, either the phenomenon or very close to it. Interconnected sensor nodes are exchanging sensed data by wired or wireless processing.

The sensor architecture should contain these things in any power supply like visible light sensor, IR light sensor, humidity sensor, expansion port, internal antennas, reset option, user-defined push, USB for programming, and UART also an external antenna and 3 LEDs. That provides metadata describing sensors, sensor platforms, sensor taking interfaces sensor-generated data. Including companies in sensor networks are energy monitoring, logistics, environmental monitoring, public spaces management, intelligent buildings, traffic control and public transportation, health, and personal assistance care monitoring and industrial processes.

We can face these future challenges, efficient energy harvesting, security and privacy, hardware constraints, and interoperability. Inefficient energy harvesting, the system should consume less power during some time. Lack of control used. Insecurity and intimacy can contain or can be defined as security must be high can build or attached high constraints because of not any can hack future policies. Moreover, also privacy should high not anyone can use the system or enter into the system to check restrictions that are adding in the order.

Therefore security and privacy must be high. In hardware constraints, your production cost must be low. Moreover, the performance of hardware constraints should high. The performance criteria should ask you what is your performance constraints how much time you consume for your system. The repair option should include hardware constraints. If your hardware may problem occur, you are applicable to resolve that problem? Your IP sensor network standard is also high and the network of things.

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